The Third Half (2008–ongoing) is the art process and discourse through which I produce my work. It describes a conceptual space as the encounter between antagonistic forces in which individuals could exist outside of polarized communities. 
The Third Half is informed by my experiences of growing up in Beirut during ongoing conflict. Living there was characterized by political instability that often culminated in armed clashes and political alliances changing regularly. Everyday citizens were perceived to align with political factions with whom they shared geographical, sectarian, and socioeconomic markers of identity. Consequently, citizens were already considered “accomplices” to warring factions and became implicated without agency in the perpetuation of civil tensions.
The Third Half functions as a disrupting mechanism to this sociopolitical paradigm. Its goal is to reconfigure the present and subvert a colonial hegemonic order in order to generate activating and restorative narratives. 
I organize my projects within various components of the Third Half. Some examples of these components include:
•Media Mobilization: a series of technology and time-based work (such as serialized animations) in which options and potential narratives emerge to reverse history and provide desired outcomes. 
•Archival Documents: including print-based projects centered around policy documents, historical archives, and law manuals through which the colonizing power imposes and applies its doctrines. These archival sources are altered to counteract dominant narratives. 
•Collaborations: in which the process of collaboration functions as the Third Half space of negotiation between individuals of conflicting histories and experiences, and for building commonalities.