The psychiatric hospital of Dafni is situated on the axis of the ancient Sacred road connecting Athens with Eleusis [where the processional ceremony of the Eleusian Mysteries used to take place in antiquity] and opposite the sanctuary of Dafnios Apollo, above which the byzantine monastery of Dafni was later built.
In an area of high spiritual and mental rebirth since ancient times, the Dafni hospital was built in 1925 and has been continuously functioning ever since.   
The exhibition takes place at one of the larger –now abandoned– buildings of the hospital grounds. Its focus will transcend the objective hypostasis of a psychiatric hospital. It will gaze beyond ideas of institutional confinement, it will override mental illness as a medical condition and it will survey the structural constraints and qualities of the mind in relation with space and time.
Curator: Kostas Prapoglou
September 9 – October 17, 2021. 3pm – 8pm (Greece time).
Dafni Psychiatric Hospital, Leof. Athinon 374, Chaidari, Athens, Greece